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2.6% + 0 cents per swipe 

$0.00 Per Transaction Fee

$0.00 Monthly Statement Fee

$0.00 Refund Fee

No Hidden Fees

Free: Terminal   

Free: Business Analytics 

Free: $100,000 Breach Protection 

$1,000.00: Chargeback Protection (optional)

No Term Contracts. No fee to Cancel Anytime.

Sign up online instantly. No term contracts. Cancel anytime without a fee. This offer is valid only to insureds of $15 Activation Fee charged in the beginning of second month. 3.2% flat rate for manual entry of card sales or transacting through online methods. Breach Coverage applies to fines, penalties and other costs from Card Brands and HIPAA relating to a card compromise or data breach. Monthly Minimum Fee is $52 starting in second month which equates to $2,000 in gross swiped sales meaning, if the processing fees are less, merchant is charged only the difference otherwise waived if merchants gross sales exceed $2,000.  You will not be charged $52 plus the flat rate per of 2.6% swiped or 3.2% manual entry or online method.  $1,000 Chargeback Reimbursement Program costs $19.99 per month if enrolled, cancel any time. Reimbursement limited to fraud, fallback and EMV liability shift chargebacks from face-to-face sales. Additional fees may apply for certain terminals or payment gateways such as Poynt smart terminal.

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