The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of insurance or guarantee any of the presented.  Coverage is provided by the underwriting insurers.  Actual policy will supersede any information provided on this site.  We provide coverage for the following services:  cryotherapy insurance, float tank insurance, infrared sauna insurance, light therapies insurance, compression therapies insurance, and other similar services.

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CRYO Payment Processing

2.6% + 0 cents per swipe 

$0.00 Per Transaction Fee

$0.00 Monthly Statement Fee

$0.00 Refund Fee

No Hidden Fees

Free: Terminal   

Free: Business Analytics 

Free: $100,000 Breach Protection 

$1,000.00: Chargeback Protection (optional)

No Term Contracts. No fee to Cancel Anytime.

Sign up online instantly. No term contracts. Cancel anytime without a fee. This offer is valid only to insureds of $15 Activation Fee charged in the beginning of second month. 3.2% flat rate for manual entry of card sales or transacting through online methods. Breach Coverage applies to fines, penalties and other costs from Card Brands and HIPAA relating to a card compromise or data breach. Monthly Minimum Fee is $52 starting in second month which equates to $2,000 in gross swiped sales meaning, if the processing fees are less, merchant is charged only the difference otherwise waived if merchants gross sales exceed $2,000.  You will not be charged $52 plus the flat rate per of 2.6% swiped or 3.2% manual entry or online method.  $1,000 Chargeback Reimbursement Program costs $19.99 per month if enrolled, cancel any time. Reimbursement limited to fraud, fallback and EMV liability shift chargebacks from face-to-face sales. Additional fees may apply for certain terminals or payment gateways such as Poynt smart terminal.