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Are you a manufacturer, importer, distributor, or retailer of cryotherapy  other wellness products?

Products we insure:

  • Cryotherapy Chambers

  • Cryotherapy localized/mobile devices

  • Infrared Saunas

  • Float Tanks

  • Biophotonic Therapy Devices

  • Compression Therapy Devices

  • Hyperbaric Chambers

  • Colon Hydrotherapy Devices

  • Any other device used for wellness or medical use

If you are involved in the sale or distribution of any cryotherapy product, you should seriously consider cryotherapy product liability insurance.  As safe as a device or product may seem, there may be external or internal issues which may cause injury.   Strict Liability Law requires that all products come with safe use and handling instructions.  Including instructions on how not to use the products.  In some cases, warnings are deficient which makes the product defective.  


There may also be an issue of the cryotherapy center not following instructions provided the manufacturer.  In those situations, it becomes very costly to prove that the cryotherapy center was at fault.

Consider this:  in criminal court your are innocent until proven guilty; in civil court you have to prove your innocence.  At the end if you win, you loose, and if you lose, you still lose.  In both situations, you will spend a significant amount of money defending yourself, yet the law does not provide a remedy to get reimbursement for your legal fees.       

Contact us at (877) 225-2699 for pricing or get a quote online for cryotherapy product liability insurance.  
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