Cryotherapy Insurance

What is Cryotherapy Insurance?

Cryotherapy Insurance provides indemnity to you and your business against injuries

sustained by your client from cryotherapy or body contouring services. Injuries can include

skin burns, adverse health consequences, and pain & suffering.   

  • Bodily Injury:  skin burns and other physical injuries 

  • Property Damage:  fire/theft/vandalism

Did you know that business insurance alone (GL) will not cover injuries such as skin burns? 

We include CRYO Professional Liability in our policies to cover injuries resulting from skin burns.

Despite the health benefits cryotherapy provides, there will be a segment of the population that will experience adverse effects and possibly death.  As a business owner, choosing the right cryotherapy business insurance policy will mean the difference between being covered or denied coverage.  We understand your business and work closely with our underwriters to provide coverage which is suitable for your business.  

How do you choose the right cryotherapy business insurance provider?

An experienced insurance broker with knowledge of the industry and the correct insurance program will make the difference.  The right insurance professional will know to provide a policy with:


  • Cryotherapy General Liability Insurance: covers slip and fall claims, product liability and other general claims

  • Cryotherapy Professional Liability Insurance: protects a against injury suffered by a client from cryo services

  • Cryotherapy License Action Reimbursement: government action against your business

  • ​Cryotherapy Business Property Insurance: covers cryo chambers/saunas, computer equipment, etc  


What other coverages are necessary?
In addition to it's unique liabilities, a cryotherapy business has similar exposures as all other businesses. Additional lines of insurance include:
  • Cryotherapy Workers Compensation Insurance: required by law in most states if you have an employee
  • Cryotherapy Employers Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI):  unfair dismissal/sexual harassment claims 
  • Cryotherapy Directors & Officers Insurance: a must for larger organizations 

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  • cryotherapy insurance, cryo insurance, cryo business insurance, cryo insurance quote, float tank ins


The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of insurance or guarantee any of the presented.  Coverage is provided by the underwriting insurers.  Actual policy will supersede any information provided on this site.  We provide coverage for the following services:  cryotherapy insurance, float tank insurance, infrared sauna insurance, light therapies insurance, compression therapies insurance, and other similar services.

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