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Blisters & Burns: Cryotherapy Insurance for your Defense!

You gathered your capital, did your due diligence on what cryo chamber to purchase, built out your center, did marketing and got the business going. Congratulations!

Now you face a problem which all cryotherapy business owners have and that is "Liability". To be more specific, the liability arising out of burns from nitrogen gas. The burns are severe, painful, blistering, and scarring. Hospitals with burn centers are costly and follow up care is expected. What strategies will you implement in your business to reduce the liabilities from injuries caused by burns?

There are some basics steps to take:

1. Cryo Liability Waiver: strong language written by a qualified attorney is required to ensure you are protected. You must have specific language which warns about the possible dangers of liquid nitrogen

2. Cool off Period: all clients who enter your cryotherapy center should spend at a minimum 15-30 minutes cooling off prior to entering the cryo chamber, especially during warm days. If someone did yoga or was in a sauna they should not be allowed to enter the cryo chamber that day.

3. No lotions, creams, or oils on their bodies.

Q. Why is cryotherapy insurance important?

A. The client can sign off on all waivers and claim they have no oils or lotions on their body or that they have not done yoga that day. The issue is when they have an injury it may be impossible for you to proof otherwise. This is were cryotherapy insurance will come useful.

Calco Commercial Insurance is the leading insurance broker in the United States which offers specialized coverage for cryotherapy businesses. We launched our website to better assist those seeking to secure cryo insurance coverage.

Coverages offered:

GL: General Liability Insurance (slip/fall/advertising/product liability)

PL: Professional Liability Insurance (for burns and other injuries in the machine)

BP: Business Property (fire/theft coverage)

SM: Sexual Misconduct (clients are half naked - you can't fully control your employee)

BI: Business Income (fire/theft, you will need income to pay your ordinary expenses)

Cryotherapy Insurance
Protect your Cryotherapy Center with

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