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Choosing Your Liquid Nitrogen Supplier Wisely

If you are planning to buy liquid nitrogen (U.S. only) be advised that AirGas, Roberts Oxygen, and ARC have higher liability insurance requirements which significantly increase the cost of cryotherapy business insurance.

A standard CRYO Insurance Package policy includes liability limits of 1M per claim and 3M aggregate limit. The aggregate limit is the sum of all claims combined. Certain liquid nitrogen suppliers have strong risk management policies in place and take the extra step in ensuring that they are protected. This means that they require their clients who purchase liquid nitrogen from them to carry liability limits of up to 4M per claim and 5M aggregate limit. They also require the insurance policy to have a Waiver of Subrogation and Primary Non-contributory Endorsement. is able to provide all of the aforementioned. If you are able to locate another supplier then you would certainly avoid paying the additional premiums.

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Airgas Insurance Requirements
Airgas Insurance Requirements - LOGO rights belong to Airgas

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